POST-DOC in structural systems biology

A post doctoral position in structural system biology is immediately available in the group. Are you interested?

The Piazza laboratory ( uses mass spectrometry-based approaches to identify protein-small molecule interactions on a large scale and directly from complex cell and tissues. The group studies protein conformational changes integrating multi-omic data with structural biology. The successful candidate will devise new methods to measure dynamic proteome structural changes and their functional consequences. You will derive novel biological insights analyzing the relationship between metabolic alterations and eukaryotic gene expression.

You will join a young and enthusiastic team of scientists working at the cutting edge of proteomics and genomics ( You will learn advanced structural proteomics analyses based on data-independent acquisition mass spectrometry and apply relevant bioinformatics approaches. You will have access to state-of-the-art instrumentation and be involved in international cross-disciplinary collaborations.

Applicants should have a solid experimental or computational background, a strong publication record as primary author, and excellent communication skills in English. Knowledge of German is not required.
A strong interest in interdisciplinary technology development, and system biology concepts are the requisite skills for this position. The candidate will be responsible for the experimental and data analysis design. You will integrate different kinds of genomic and proteomics data to answer biologically relevant questions about protein allostery and epigenetics. Previous experience with human cancer cell lines or budding yeast (S. cerevisiae), genome editing and bioinformatics are highly recommended. The ability to work independently and creatively contribute to the design of the research project are essential. Applicants wishing to integrate computational and experimental biology approaches are specifically encouraged to apply. Familiarity with large-scale data sets and proteomics is preferable but not required.

We are located at the Max Delbrück Center for molecular medicine (MDC) in the Helmholtz association in Berlin. At its two research locations in Berlin the MDC is expanding in the field of medical systems biology, data science and structural biology. Berlin is a wonderful place where top science comes with one of the most vibrant cultural environment in the world!

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Already interested in applying?
Please send a complete application to indicating the registration number (job code 11247/2020), and include a cover letter, CV, references as well as relevant educational and degree certificates as one PDF file (5 MB max,). Applications should be submitted by July 20, 2020.