Ilaria Piazza’s publications

Ruwolt M, Piazza I, Liu F. The potential of cross-linking mass spectrometry in the development of protein-protein interaction modulators. Curr Opin Struct Biol. (2023). Pubmed link

Li B, Zeis P, Zhang Y, Alekseenko A, Fürst E, Sanchez YP, Lin G, Tekkedil MM, Piazza I, Steinmetz LM, Pelechano V. Differential regulation of mRNA stability modulates transcriptional memory and facilitates environmental adaptation. Nat Commun. (2023). Pubmed Link 

Malinovska L, Cappelletti V, Kohler D, Piazza I, Tsai TH, Pepelnjak M, Stalder P, Dörig C, Sesterhenn F, Elsässer F, Kralickova L, Beaton N, Reiter L, de Souza N, Vitek O, Picotti P. Proteome-wide structural changes measured with limited proteolysis-mass spectrometry: an advanced protocol for high-throughput applications. Nat Protoc. 2023 Pubmed link

Mateus, A., Savitski, M. M. & Piazza, I. The rise of proteome‐wide biophysics. Molecular Systems Biology, (2021).
Pubmed link

Cereghetti, G. Wilson-Zbinden C., Kissling V., Diether M., Arm A., Yoo H., Piazza I., Saad S., Picotti P., Drummond A., Sauer U., Dechant R., Peter M., et al. Reversible amyloids of pyruvate kinase couple cell metabolism and stress granule disassembly. Nature Cell Biology, (2021).
Pubmed link

Cappelletti, V. Hauser T., Piazza I**., Pepelniak M., Malinovska L., Fuhrer T., Li Y., Doerig C., Boersema P., Gillet L., Grossbach I., Dougourd A., Saez-Rodriguez., Beyer A., Zamboni N., Caflisch A., De Souza N., Picotti P., et al. Dynamic 3D proteomes reveal protein functional alterations at high resolution in situ. Cell, (2021).
** shared first authorship
Pubmed link

Melnik, A., Cappelletti V., Vaggi F., Piazza I., Tognetti M., Schwartz C., Cereghetti G., Ahmed MA., Soste M., Matlack K., De Souza N., Csikasz A., Picotti P., Comparative analysis of the intracellular responses to disease-related aggregation-prone proteins. Journal of Proteomics, (2020).
Pubmed link

Piazza, I., Beaton, N., Bruderer, R., Knobloch, T., Barbisan, C., Chandat, L., et al. (2020). A machine learning-based chemoproteomic approach to identify drug targets and binding sites in complex proteomes. Nature Communications, 2020.
Pubmed link

Piazza, I., Beaton, N., Bruderer, R., Knobloch, T., Barbisan C., Chandat L., Siepe I., Rinner O., De Souza N., Picotti P., Reiter L.
LiP-Quant, an automated chemoproteomic approach to identify drug targets in complex proteomes. BioRxiv, 2019.
Link to the paper

Piazza, I., Kochanowski, K., Cappelletti, V., Fuhrer, T., Noor, E., Sauer, U., and Picotti, P.
A Map of Protein-Metabolite Interactions Reveals Principles of Chemical Communication. Cell, 2018.
Pubmed link, link to the paper

Piazza, I., Ori, A., Walczak M., Beck M., Haering, C. H.
 Condensin association with chromosomes depends on a DNA binding domain formed by its HEAT repeat subunits. Nature Structural and Molecular Biology, 2014.
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Piazza, I., Haering, C. H.*, & Rutkowska, A.
Condensin: crafting the chromosome landscape. Chromosoma, 2013.
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Zampieri, M., Szappanos, B., Buchieri, M.V., Trauner, A., Piazza, I., Picotti, P., Gagneux, S., Borrell, S., Gicquel, B., Lelievre, J., Sauer U.
High-throughput metabolomic analysis predicts mode of action of uncharacterized antimicrobial compounds. Science Translational Medicine, 2018.
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Schopper, S., Kahraman, A., Leuenberger, P., Feng, Y., Piazza, I., Müller, O., Boersema, P.J., and Picotti, P
Measuring protein structural changes on a proteome-wide scale using limited proteolysis-coupled mass spectrometry. Nature Protocols, 2017.
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Wild P., Susperregui A., Piazza I., Doerig C., Oke A., Arter M., Yamaguchi M., Hilditch A.T., Vuina K., Choi Chan K., Gromova T., Haber J.E., Fung J.C., Picotti P., Matos J. Network rewiring of homologous recombination enzymes during mitotic proliferation and meiosis. Molecular Cell, 2019.
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Wei, W., Hennig, B. P., Wang, J., Zhang, Y., Piazza, I., Pareja Sanchez, Y., Chabbert, C., Adjalley, S., Steinmetz, L., Pelechano, V.
Chromatin-sensitive cryptic promoters putatively drive expression of alternative protein isoforms in yeast. Genome Research, 2019.
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Here they talk about Ilaria’s work…

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